Counseling and legal assistance

Outside and above all litigation, the firm participates in the security and the smooth running of economic activities by a permanent assistance.

At the request of the clients, the firm formulates legal opinions based on the current legislation and regulations applicable in Senegal on the community law as well on the texts of WAEMU as those of the OHADA. It may, where necessary, inform on the content of certain foreign legislation whose provisions are likely to apply to the economic and business activities of natural or legal persons concerned.

On request, scientific studies can be carried out on legal topics related to the subject matter of the client.

In all the subjects it deals with, the firm provides assistance during pre-contractual negotiations and drafts contracts for both relations and partnerships of Senegalese domestic law, West African community law and international law. Thus, the contractual clauses are adapted and drafted according to the specific needs of the contracting party concerned.

The legal arrangements made by the firm take into account not only mandatory legal and regulatory provisions and public order, but also and above all, jurisprudential practice (situation and clause accepted by the judge in litigation and situations protected by judges in case of silence of laws and regulations).

The issue of legal safeguards is a particular focus in the firm’s various interventions.

When cooling relations with business partners and before any litigation, the firm can provide help on the preventive measures necessary to take for the purpose of not having difficulties to prove his rights or to establish the merits of his claims .