Banking and Financial Law

Avocat droit bancaire

The SCP Alama Lawyer, in its concern to provide a complete assistance, brings you a support in the field of banking and financial law in particular for all your contentious in connection with operations of bank or credit institutions. This is how we offer:

  • A control of banking operations and paperwork, regulatory formalism and legislative conformity of products or loans (consumer loans, real estate, professionals);
  • Organization and monitoring of pre-litigation negotiations;
  • Preparatory acts for legal action: assessment and analysis of risks and opportunities, search for evidence, justification of harm;
  • Taking guarantees and collateral: collateral, foreclosure, mortgages …
    Assistance in negotiations, mediation or conciliation;
  • Representation and assistance before the courts seized: definition of the judicial strategy, preparation of the writings, contacts with the jurisdiction and pleadings,
    A follow-up of the execution of the decisions (ways of execution and seizures of real estate, …).
  • Action to annul the stipulations of the conventional interest rate and the global effective rate (APR) of a mortgage;
  • Action in suspension or reduction of the monthly payments of the credits subscribed;
  • Questioning the responsibility of banks and financial intermediaries (OSEO) or investment firms;
  • Recovery action and enforcement proceedings for the settlement of a claim and obtaining an enforceable title
  • Provisional seizures (real estate, pledge of shares) to secure a disputed or non-exigible claim;
  • Assignment seizures to obtain the settlement under an enforceable title.